LimitLIS® Cloud: Toxicology

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LimitLIS® Toxicology is a cloud solution that can be deployed immediately with no need for dedicated IT staff. Just click the link, log in, and start using your new solution.


The Ideal Solution

LimitLIS® Toxicology sets itself apart from other LIS solutions.

Ease of Use

Every feature of LimitLIS® Toxicology was designed to be exceptionally intuitive and user-friendly. Cut down the time and expense of a steep learning curve, and ensure everyone in your lab is using the system with ease

Dedicated Support

Not only does LimitLIS® have interactive tutorials and an in-app chat feature, RURO's support team is committed to helping you every step of the way, ready to answer questions and provide solutions.

Cloud Connectivity

Because LimitLIS® Toxicology is cloud-based, your data is stored securely and remotely, ready to be accessed whenever and wherever you need it. This also means that LimitLIS® Toxicology can be deployed and ready to use immediately.

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LimitLIS® Cloud: Toxicology

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