LimitLIS® Toxicology

Simple, Smart,

LimitLIS Toxicology is a highly specialized tool that is essential for modern laboratories.

LimitLIS® Cloud

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See for yourself how LimitLIS Toxicology can be your all-in-one problem solver with a free, convenient 30-day trial.

LimitLIS® Cloud

All Features, No Frills

With LimitLIS® Toxicology’s extensive list of built-in features, there’s no need for customization - or the time and money that comes with it.

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LimitLIS® Toxicology

Cloud Based

LimitLIS® Toxicology is one of only a few cloud-based tox systems available, eliminating the need for dedicated IT staff.

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Specialized, Top-Shelf LIS Solution

Intuitive, efficient, and loaded with features, LimitLIS® Toxicology
is your complete solution for a modern laboratory with expansive capabilities.

Exceptional Accuracy

Nothing is more important than maintaining a high level of accuracy, and LimitLIS® Toxicology makes it easier than ever. The system automatically limits one sample per patient per day, produces reports to indicate consistent or inconsistent results, and allows for POCT and POCT result tracking.

Rapid Deployment

No need to waste time inputting common tests, flags, forms, and instruments: the software comes with all that information already in place, and should you need to add specialized information, adding data is quick and easy.

Seamless Communication

In addition to integrating with many commonly-used instruments, LimitLIS® Toxicology includes a client portal and communications model with the ability to upload different attachments to patients and facilities.

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Regulatory Compliance

Supports compliance in regulatory environments.