LimitLIS®: Laboratory Information System

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Patient Portal

Patients are the heartbeat of your lab. The LimitLIS® Patient Portal lets patients securely access their results from anywhere in the world.

Client Portal

Client satisfaction is vital to your laboratory. Our Client Portal allows providers to place orders directly into LimitLIS® and retrieve results the minute they are available, while physicians reduce paperwork by electronically signing test orders from a desktop or tablet.

Laboratory Dashboard

Our real-time laboratory management dashboards help your lab monitor turnaround times, testing volumes, instrument statuses, and other key analytics.


Report Delivery

online, fax, e-mail, SMS
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Levey-Jennings Charts

QC Management
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Barcode Labels

Design + Printing
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Cutting Edge Features

LimitLIS® sets itself apart from other LIS solutions with new and exciting features.

Patient/Client Portal

LimitLIS® is deployed with optional, fully integrated Client and Patient Portals. The portal represents your company with personalized branding and specially designed charts and graphs to ensure your outward web appearance is modern and professional.

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Easy Accessioning

LimitLIS® automatically generates labels, date and time stamps received specimens, generates an accession number, and reduces the number of keystrokes and mouse clicks needed per accession in order to improve data and tracking accurancy.

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Instrument, Billing, & EHR Integration

With LimitLIS®, diagnostic data automatically gets submitted to your billing and EHR providers, saving time, improving cash flow, and reducing manual data entry errors. LimitLIS® additionally supports unidirectional and bi-directional instrument integration, allowing your instruments to receive orders from LimitLIS® and report results back, speeding up the turnaround time and delivery of results.

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Result Delivery and Reporting

LimitLIS® can automatically deliver result reports to providers in their preferred formats and delivery destination options as soon as they are available. In addition, LimitLIS® offers a correction workflow, allowing lab staff to amend reports and send corrected results back to the provider.

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Paperless E-Requisitions

Physicians and staff can conveniently place web-based test orders directly into LimitLIS®, eliminating paper waste and transcription errors with its paperless e-requisitions functionality. Validation at the time of ordering ensures requisitions are free of errors and contain complete clinical and billing information to reduce turnaround time and ensure tighter adherence to practice guidelines.

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Quality Control

Say goodbye to bulky, paper-based QC files. LimitLIS® provides easy QC management with configurable QC rules, automatic Levey-Jennings charts, and user-defined lots and expiration dates.

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Next level support

RURO offers unparalleled support with every solution they provide.
RURO also offers training videos within the LimitLIS® solution as
well as online 1-on-1 support through our Community Forum.

We take pride in delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction
on time and within budget. In order to ensure a successful rollout, you'll
work with a dedicated RURO project manager who will guide the
implementation process from requirements gathering to launch, providing
training and support.


LimitLIS® is in the Cloud!

LimitLIS® is offered as a Cloud solution so you do not have to worry about hiring dedicated IT staff for your laboratory! Just click the URL, log in, and start using your new solution.

Regulatory Compliance

Supports compliance in regulatory environments.

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